Cyclocross On Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Costumes, candies, late-night pranks, what’s not to love? I guess I’m not the only one embracing the season of ghouls as it has just been announced that a cyclocross will be held in Bend,Oregon from October 25 to 27. More »


Estate Planning: What to Know Before Meeting a Lawyer

Couple talking to a real estate agentMost people realize that their estate planning should ensure correct distribution of all their assets after they have passed on. Although this is the most important element of any estate plan, it is vital for you to understand that there is more to a well-designed estate plan. You can ask a family law attorney in Denver, Colorado about estate planning, but you should also know what factors to consider for a good estate plan.

  • Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is an authorization to act on behalf of someone’s private affairs or business. This is sometimes used in the event when a person is severely incapacitated or is unavailable. Your estate plan should identify who would act on your behalf in case of your absence or incapacity.

  • A trust

A trust is used to ensure that all assets are given specifically to the people designated in the trust. All your assets, whether old or new, should be transferred to the trust for proper distribution. All assets not included in a trust will be sent to a probate court in order to distribute it to the remaining family members.

However, you should consider all your future financial plans and investments before creating a trust. If you become incapacitated, the trustees can manage your assets without seeking a court order. Compared to a will, a trust is an all-inclusive and flexible document.

  • A living will

All estate planning should include an advance directive or a living will. This includes appointing physicians to make decisions related to your health if you are not able to do so. The lawyers can also recommend that you grant a power of attorney to a family member or a close friend to make these decisions for you.

A careful estate plan is essential if you want to keep your assets in your family. It also ensures you’re your family and relatives will be cared for even after you’re gone. Consult family law experts in Denver to help you plan one.

Is it Possible to Get Fired for Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Construction workerAccidents happen, and sometimes they happen while you’re on the clock. Filing a worker’s compensation claim would be the next logical course of action. Some employees, however, feel anxious about doing so. Even though the country has laws in place to prevent instances of workplace discrimination, injured workers still worry their boss could fire them out of retaliation.

Law firms that provide legal advice on various aspects of property law, succession law and personal injuries litigation like Connolly Suthers, however, remind clients that an injured worker has every right to file a lawsuit against their employer should they experience discrimination over their compensation claim. What can an employee do to make sure their rights are upheld?

Filing a Workplace Injury should be a Priority

Once a workplace injury occurs, the first thing you should do is to promptly and accurately report the incident to your employer. Immediately reporting the accident will help them curtail similar accidents in the future and adopt the safety precautions necessary. Try to gather up witnesses as well (if any) to verify the facts and make filing your claim much easier. Any delays could, after all, affect the investigation and your recovery time.

Acting against Retaliatory Termination

In any workplace, poor performance, the need for layoffs, company restructuring or any legal reason whatsoever gives the company the right to terminate an employee. The reasons for the termination should be disclosed to the employee. An employer admitting to employees outright that their compensation claim was the reason for their termination is unlikely, however. So, if you think that your employment was unjustly terminated, make sure you gather the evidence and file a lawsuit.

By law, workers injured on the job should be able to receive the proper compensation without the threat of losing their job. If you do experience retaliatory discrimination from your employer, remember that the law is on your side and you have every right to file a lawsuit against it.

Types of Security Locks

A key in a door's lock The very purpose of security locks is to prevent a burglar from forcefully breaking into a property. In recent development, designers and engineers, such as those in Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service in Tauranga, have produced locks that are resistant to drilling and other lock picking tools. Sounds promising, right? You can purchase two types of locks available in the market: mechanical and electric.

Electric Security Locks

These locks operate with an electric signal, which has control of the bolt allowing the door to open and close. Most of them require a password or a card key from a person to access the property. Some of these electric locks are usually tied into a home security alarm system that will signal the police in case of burglary or emergency.

Mechanical Security Locks

All mechanical key locks require a key for usage. One of the most conventional mechanical lock designs are the cylindrical lock sets. They are designed to fit into a small hole, which is usually cut into the door.

The other type in this category is the mortise lock. This one is installed into a pocket within the edge of your door and offers better security than the cylindrical lock. They are relatively more expensive, however. Customers operate these using a knob, lever or handle, and a key.

Bottom Line

One of the best ways to keep your loved ones and belongings safe from intruders is security locks. Although this might seem obvious, many property owners think a lock or two on their front doors and one on their windows is enough. There are plenty of budget-friendly systems in the market today, and retailers would be happy to assist you. Here’s to a good home and a peace of mind!

Homeowners’ Guide to Buying Garage Doors

Garage of a HouseFirst-time buyers of garage doors need not fret. Your choice will depend on your needs, taste, and preferences. Installing a garage door helps improve security in your property. Maintenance and repair are important to make the door last longer.

This guide provides a no-nonsense approach when choosing and buying a garage door for your home.

What’s a garage door for?

A garage door can do wonders for your home. It can add a stylish touch to an otherwise boring property. It can provide you easy access to your garage and protect you from unscrupulous individuals who would try to break in. To make sure your door remains in good condition, you can rely on garage door repair experts in Utah.

A garage door comes in many designs and types: wooden, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. Modern doors now feature high-tech insulation and glazed surfaces.

Buying Garage Doors

The first step in purchasing garage doors is to look for what is appropriate for your garage in terms of size and style. You’ll also have to consider your location. For instance, if you live near or adjacent to a ballpark, then maybe you should think twice about getting a metal garage door, for any intense or wayward activity might leave a dent on the door.

Where to Buy Garage Doors

Garage doors are easy to spot in a home depot or furniture shop. If the maker of the garage door has a website, then you can browse all the products they offer. Do a background check and get in touch with the business owner for more information. You may also ask friends check the samples of garage doors first-hand. At least, you could get estimates before you buy the door.


Keep in mind that garage doors may be unhinged, dented, or get damaged in time. Garage door experts will be able to help you out in this case.

A garage door is a good addition to your home. Make sure it’s installed and maintained by professionals to enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

Two Common Practices Necessary for A Horse’s Best Nutrition

Horses Eating HayOwners need to address many horse-caring issues. One of the major issues is that raisers only provide horse feed that is in the market. This is what is only available for my horses, they might say.

But this raising mindset is risky, provided that not all of the horse food products available in the market is good for them.

To help you find ways not to overlook the best nutrition for your horses, experts from Takanini Feeds underscore the best practices to achieve it.

Small Amount of Grain is Enough

To feed them in multiple smaller amount of meals is better than feeding them with a large one. This is one of the common things raisers tend to forget.

Letting them eat a small amount from time to time makes it good for them to digest the horse feed; hence, more nutrients are being digested.

But the best way to do this is to consider the need of the particular horse taking the small amount, for not every horse has different feeding needs. Even if the horse is provided with good quality horse feed, feeding them in large amounts will impede the proper digestion of nutrients.

Right Nutrients with the Right Supplements

If you are conscious about the right feed for your horse, you are mindful of the additional supplements you include in their diet as well. This is good provided that the food supplements are not overloaded to the actual nutrients they need. Overloaded nutrients that are added to their diet is harmful, especially when it creates harmful imbalances to their body regulations.

For example, one good nutritional supplement that is beneficial to them is the supplemental selenium for horses which are used to eat hay in soils that are selenium poor. So, considering environmental factor is one of the things to know what kind of (and how much) supplements they should take.

Having the horse consulted in an equine nutritionist and veterinarian is a good start to know the best vitamins and minerals they need to take.

Feeding them with what is available in the market and those labelled with nutritional contents are not enough. For them to get the best nutrition, one has to know the particular supplements they need and not forget to feed them with small amounts for good digestion.

Post-Divorce Concerns: A Quick Guide to Top Family Law Topics

Family law and gavelWhat comes to your mind when you hear the word “family law?” Most probably, it’s divorce and anything that has to do with issues concerning a married couple.

Family law is not about divorce and troubled marriages, according to family attorneys in Denver, CO. In fact, it involves a number of issues concerning people who are linked domestically. It is a wide area that encompasses issues relating to the legal obligations of each member of the family.

Here are some of the most commonly discussed issues and topics under the family law that arise following a divorce:


Alimony or spousal support refers to the money that must be given by one spouse to the other after the court grants their divorce. The amount of financial support depends on several factors, one of which is the jurisdiction they are under. The court must also consider how long they have been married and how capable each of them is to make a living. States may have varying statutes to help determine the rightful alimony.

Child Custody

Have you heard the phrase “best interests of the child?” It pertains to the principles used by the court to determine the best setup for the child or children when custody concerns arise. The court takes into account different factors to identify the orders that will best serve the child. They will look into each of the parent’s earning capability, lifestyle, and other related factors. In many cases, the child’s legal and physical custody is awarded to the more capable parent. There are cases, however, where both parties share these rights.

Child Support

Child support is another common issue when it comes to family law. It pertains to the money provided by the non-custodial parent to support the basic needs of the child in the care of the custodial parent. The court makes a decision on the amount of child support based on the guidelines set in place, with respect to the jurisdiction they are under. As with most legal concerns under family law, child support laws vary from state to state.

Consult with a competent family law attorney for more information on these topics.

Singapore: A Country to Be Proud Of

The skyline of Singapore during twilightIn a country where the population stands only at around five and a half million people, the need for additional military personnel to defend the country in case war breaks out has become more urgent.

With the exceptional living standard Singapore continues to provide its citizens and permanent residents (PR), it is but proper to give back to the city-state by volunteering in its military. It needs more PR military volunteers. Here is why.

Big things in small packages

The small size of the Lion City has not discouraged it from becoming an economic powerhouse. Ranked number one by World Bank with regards to ease in doing business, various international organisations also placed Singapore at number one when it comes to world’s best labor force, world’s most economically globalised country, and much more.

A call to action

Because of its small size, however, Singapore also suffers from a shortage of personnel especially in emergency services and defence. Considering that Singapore is surrounded by large countries, the thought of having to defend it with a small force can be a bit unsettling.

This is why its Ministry of Defence came up with a military volunteer service program aimed at convincing everyone to help defend the country. The Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps or SAFVC targets professionals, especially Singaporean women, PRs and immigrants to train under the program.

The heart of a volunteer

The training lasts for a couple of weeks. During this time, volunteers learn about military life and discipline. Under the program, volunteers familiarise themselves with weaponry and medical emergency procedures. Those who joined the program say that offering their heart, mind and body to the country that nurtured them is the least they can do.

There is no denying it; the heart of a volunteer is the bravest and strongest one of all. In this light, freewill trumps any weapon of war.

Keep Your Garage Doors Functional and Stylish With These Tips

Orange Garage DoorIn the old days, houses in Illinois didn’t have a garage, only barns. Today, a garage is used to store items rarely used in the house, including tools, bikes, and other bulky stuff that only take unnecessary space.

Because the garage traces its roots to the barns of the old America, most of its doors today are styled to look like one. However, considering that garage doors are the “face” of the garage, you should style it in a way that would complement the design of your house. At the same time, garage doors should be designed to withstand the harsh weather, according to the experts at Ar-Be Garage Doors, Inc.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing the right style and design for your garage doors:

It’s in the Details

Matching the style of your garage doors with the rest of the house creates a uniform design. The best way to do this is to copy the design of the other doors and windows in the house. Consider the size, shape, and details of your front door, windows on the side, and other entryway.

If your house has a modern design, choose garage doors that are contemporary in style. If you have an old house, pick a design that will complement the age of your home.

Colors Play a Huge Role, Too

Use color schemes to match the design of your garage doors and the house as well. You can either use the same color as your house, or pick a hue that blends with the rest.

On the other hand, if you want the garage doors to stand out, choose contrasting colors to liven it up.

Don’t Forget the Materials

The colors you choose may depend on the materials used for the garage doors. Wooden garage doors can be easily customized and repainted, though expensive. Steel ones on the other hand, are more affordable and come in different colors.

If you’re not sure which style and design to choose, contact garage door experts to help you pick the right one. Such stores can help maintain your garage doors so they can last for years as well.

3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Garage on a Budget

Empty GarageDid you know that only 30% of homeowners use the garage for their cars? The rest just can’t keep their cars inside because there’s too much clutter.

Not that it’s bad to use the garage as an extra storage room, but not using it for its main purpose can have its consequences in the long run. Foremost, it can expose the exterior of your car to wear and tear faster that it’s supposed to.

The garage can also accumulate rubbish where rats and cockroaches can thrive. Keeping your garage organized is a good way to keep pests away from your property. Don’t worry too much about the costs. Here are some tips on how you can organize your garage on a budget.

Install Shelves and Racks

You can install shelves and racks to keep items in your garage organized. Shelves are ideal for storing bottles, paints, containers, nails, screws, and other items. Be sure to use open shelves, so you can easily see what’s stored in them.

Racks can be used to store brooms, mops, large tools, unused wood scraps, and even bikes. You can use both vertical and horizontal racks to maximize space. Vertical racks can be easily installed along the walls, while horizontal racks can be installed on the ceiling.

Use a Variety of Storage Products

Storage products include small to large containers of different shapes. Within your cabinets, you can organize items according to purpose using these containers. To avoid further costs, use discarded containers, such as cookie tins, cartons, bottles, and any type of containers you might find inside the house.

Invest in a Garage Door and Locks for the Windows

Install a garage door for added security. Contact a shop specializing in garage door repair and installation. Ar-Be Garage Doors, Inc. also recommends installing locks for the windows to keep pets and burglars from accessing the garage.

2 Surprisingly Pleasant Benefits of Recycling Old and Worn OTR Tires

Old TiresA growing world population leads to an increase in industrial activities in construction and mining sectors. It leads to the production of gigantic earth moving machines and equipment to meet the growing demand.

Most of the machines run on supersized tires, commonly referred to as off-road tires (OTR). Disposing of such large tires at the end of their productive life remains a significant challenge for many construction companies. Rather than shipping them off to a landfill, Western Tire Recyclers says you can have OTR tires recycled.

It Creates a Safer Environment

With the production numbers of OTR tires reaching millions, they would quickly become an eyesore if they all ended up in landfills. Given that the vulcanized rubber decomposes over many years, the tires would pile up quickly. The carbon and steel component in the tires would rot and seep into the soil, poisoning the underground water bodies. The dumping sites would form a haven for pests and parasites, including rats, raccoons, and mosquitoes, that pose a serious health hazard. Recycling tires is a more effective method of disposal.

It Is Economical

There are millions of tires in use every day; recycling them is a multimillion-dollar industry. Other than retreading worn tires, you can recycle them to create engine oil. Using specialty equipment, the tires are heated at high degrees to produce superior quality oil.

The reclamation process makes a more affordable alternative to other oil producing processes. It leads to the availability of superior quality oil at a lower price. The process also recovers the carbon and steel component of the tires. The steel cables and belts make a ready supply of raw metal for the smelting industry. By tapping into this supply, manufacturing companies can lower their cost of production. As a result, they transfer the savings to you, the consumer.

Tire recycling extends over and beyond the need to conserve the environment by reducing pollution. It creates a million-dollar recycling industry that passes back the benefits to the consumer.