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Improving Rooftop Aesthetics and Comfort

February 28, 2017 Admin 0

From a running track to an outdoor cinema, architects are getting more creative when it comes to urban rooftop spaces. Often neglected, the rooftop is an area which should be better utilised. Do away with […]


Meditation: A Way to Love Yourself

February 22, 2017 Admin 0

There isn’t enough love going around in this world. It’s no surprise – loving one another becomes an extremely difficult thing to do if, in the simplest words, people don’t know how to love themselves. […]


Why It’s a Good Idea to Live in Saint Louis

February 22, 2017 Admin 0

Contrary to the belief, Saint Louis or “Saint Louie” is not just one of those places you have to go through to get somewhere else. The city offers wonderful experiences and opportunities to anyone who wants to live […]


Global Market Marks Rise of Rental Heavy Machinery

February 17, 2017 Admin 0

To buy or not to buy heavy machinery. You and other equipment procurement professionals face the previous question constantly. You and other professionals may use general guidelines when it comes to buying or renting heavy […]


The Hidden Dangers of Ice Dams

February 17, 2017 Admin 0

Those icicles artfully hanging from your roof lends that iconic winter look. This magical winter look however also means something else; your roof has an ice dam and you must banish it as soon as […]