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Why Home Renovations Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

June 23, 2017 Admin 0

Campbell Hastie only spent $250,000 on his home renovation in Auckland, but he and his wife were able to spend below their expected budget in remodelling their house. The trick involves having good organisational skills, something that […]

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On Granny Flats and Why You Need One

June 13, 2017 Admin 0

If you’re looking to increase your home’s value, earn a little rent on the side, or maybe just turn unused backyard space into something beautiful, then building a granny flat should be right for you. […]

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4 Reasons to Buy New Homes

May 12, 2017 Admin 0

More often than not, buying a new home depends on more just your financial capacity. It also depends on your personal preferences. Some people feel freer when they rent while some feel more secured when […]

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Ways to Make Your House Look Cleaner

May 2, 2017 Admin 0

If you are suffering from mold damages in Salt Lake City, chances are the rest of your house is not doing very well, either. While you can always call professional mold cleaners, the general chaos of your home is […]

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Bring Out The New Look of Your Office Space

April 24, 2017 Admin 0

An office refurbishment comes with all the advantages of a new office less the difficulties of moving and the associated costs. This project gives your business a more professional look whilst your staff gets a […]