Girl playing golf

How to Get Kids Interested in Golf

April 6, 2018

Spring has arrived, and the weather has already started to warm up. Parents who are looking for outdoor activities for their kids often turn to swimming. Many parents in Charlotte, NC are also interested in mini […]

Promotion concept shot
Home Makeover & Design

Proving Your Worth as a Newly Promoted Employee

April 4, 2018

You’ve recently been promoted to a highly coveted position. While you may think your job is secure now that you have proven yourself worthy of better pay, your colleagues are thinking of your weaknesses and […]

a family moving to a new house
Home Makeover & Design

3 Helpful Tips for a Successful Summer Move

April 4, 2018

Each season has its own merits when it comes to moving, but summer is best for many families. Since the kids are on vacation, there will be less impact on their sleep schedules and daily […]