Some Modern Beauty Trends

November 10, 2013

Remember the past decades when women sport hairstyles like perm, swept-up, afro, layers, and pixie cuts? Nowadays, as technology continues to advance, beauty trends have seen drastic changes, too. Now, salons offer other services beyond […]


Getting the Help from a Reliable Wrongful Death Lawyer

November 6, 2013

Entrusting the health condition of your loved one to a medical professional is a major decision, especially when the condition needs surgery or other complex treatments. Unfortunately, instead of fixing the problem and getting your […]

transmission repair
Auto News

Understanding Transmission Problems

November 5, 2013

All machines go through wear and tear – cars included. As Americans buy thousands of new and used cars each year, car-related problems also increase in number. One of the worst hitches of cars is […]