Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment For Faultless Communication

November 27, 2014

Every business thrives on good communication. Unless the message is conveyed in the proper manner to the appropriate person and at the right time, a business may not succeed. That is why every business organization […]

DIY Renovations
Home Makeover & Design

Affording Home Renovation: a DIY Guide

November 22, 2014

For most people buying a home is an investment of a lifetime, but living in the same house for years may make you think that renovation is due. Despite proper care, repairs and maintenance, there […]

Roof Care
Home Makeover & Design

Roof Care, Cleaning and Restoration

November 20, 2014

The roof is the most important portion of any structure such as a house, an office building, a school, a hospital or a factory. It provides shelter and safeguards all the people and the equipment […]

IT Professionals in South Africa

In-Demand Career: Why South Africa Needs More IT Experts

November 19, 2014

Many people nowadays rely on technological innovations to help them with everything they need, from business concerns to activities that improve their quality of life. Information technology (IT) experts play a key role in making […]