Boy drinking water

Safe Drinking Water for Great Health

April 30, 2015

Good health is important for living a productive life. One way of ensuring this is by having safe drinking water. How sure are you, however, that your home’s drinking water is pure and free from […]

firefighters training

Courses in Keeping Safe

April 27, 2015

Like what they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Being prepared is key to keeping your organization safe. Whether you need the services of hazardous materials (hazmat) response teams in Utah, or […]


Plea Deals: Why ‘Not Guilty’ is Not Lying

April 24, 2015

You’ve seen in it movies, on television, and in the newspapers—whenever there’s a trial, the defendants almost always plead “not guilty”. Non-admission to any crime is not always about lying or trying to ignore the […]