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Ways to Increase Bathroom Safety for the Elderly

April 27, 2017

One in three US seniors over 65 years of age fall each year, and 80% of these falls happen in the bathroom. According to CDC, emergency care for fall-related injuries, fractures or trauma happens to […]


Protecting Our Water Resources for the Future

April 25, 2017

Water is necessary for life. All living things cannot live without it. Though the Earth is ninety-seven percent water, the water we consume is only three percent. However, according to the experts at Ashton Tucker […]

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Home Makeover & Design

Bring Out The New Look of Your Office Space

April 24, 2017

An office refurbishment comes with all the advantages of a new office less the difficulties of moving and the associated costs. This project gives your business a more professional look whilst your staff gets a […]