Music studio
Business and the Workplace

Why Copyright Matters in a Recording Studio

January 31, 2018

Over the years, artists have lost their work due to theft. Sometimes the piece itself is stolen, or they lost the rights to their work. While some of these problems have been legitimate, sometimes there […]


How to Relax on Your Last Day of Vacation

January 25, 2018

So it’s towards the end of your vacation in Florida, and you’ve probably ticked off all the things on your travel list. Looking for something relaxing to do toward the end of your time off? Here […]

woman signing a land loan
Business and the Workplace

Is This the Best Time to Apply for an Ag Land Loan?

January 24, 2018

Securing loans for your farm or your agricultural business is getting easier these days. That is according to market trends and Ag land interest rates are expected to be more inviting in the coming years […]

aluminum panels used for fences
Home Makeover & Design

Why you Need to Choose Decorative Aluminum Fences

January 20, 2018

Until recently, wood, chain link, and wrought iron were the most popular fencing materials used by the majority of homeowners for quite some time. However, these materials come with several setbacks such as the difficulty […]