3 Ways to Go Around Perth and Visit Its Wonderful Attractions

Going Around PerthOne of the most tourist-friendly destinations all over the world is Perth in Australia. Whatever kind of traveller you are, this vibrant and lovely city has something special to offer you and make you enjoy your visit. Another thing the tourists love about Perth is how easy it is to go around the city. Here are some transportation means you have when you decide to visit Perth.

Car Rental

If you are going with your spouse and you have little children with you, then maybe the best option is to just rent a car, Aries Car Rental suggests. This way, your children can be more comfortable going around the city. There are cheap car rentals in Perth, so you wouldn’t have to worry about high rental costs. You can request for a GPS device to make your journey easier.

Bus and Train Lines

Bus and train lines are connected and intertwined with the purpose of making travelling easier for both locals and tourists alike. The comprehensive transportation system has stops and stations that are tactically located near important establishments and tourist destinations. You can get a map as soon as you reach the airport or you can download one on your mobile device. This way, you can strategically plan your itinerary with the proximity of the attractions in mind.


If you are a budget traveller, you can take advantage of the free CAT buses that roam around Perth and the nearby city of Leederville. You can do your research about the CAT bus’ route so you can plan a comprehensive itinerary during your visit. A mix of going on board the free CAT bus and train stations is a good idea to visit as many destinations as possible and make the most out of your stay.

Knowing your options is important so you can be prepared when you go to Perth. This way, you can enjoy your stay and avoid any hassle when going around Perth and its lovely attractions.