7 Home Extensions Every Homeowner Should Consider

home patio

An extension, whether big or small, can increase the value of your property. But it can also put a big dent in your wallet. If you want your investment to pay off, here are some of the best extension ideas you can consider:

1. Carport

Can your garage only fit one car and you’re sick of using the driveway for your second car? Installing a carport in Sunshine Coast can be relatively inexpensive, but you will have a space to park your car away from harsh elements. So, if you have too many cars to fit in one garage, a carport can be your best and cheapest option.

2. Patio or deck

A patio can provide additional living space where your family and guests can enjoy the outdoors. With a patio, you can host more parties, spend time unplugged from electronics, relax in the fresh air and sun, and spend family time without too many distractions. It also increases the value and appeal of your home in case you decide to sell it in the future.

3. Second floor

If your family is getting bigger and you need more space, why not build a second floor instead of buying a new house? Although adding a second floor is quite costly and will interrupt your home life for a few months, it will ultimately add more value to your property while increasing space for more family members.

4. Sunroom

Do you want to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors all-year-round without actually going outside? A sunroom might be the extension you need. It’s a great place to relax, grow indoor plants, meditate, work out, and enjoy the sun without getting burned. In the winter, it will let you enjoy somewhat being outdoors while still being warm.

5. Bedroom


dding a bedroom extension might not be a popular home improvement choice, but it can be a great investment if your family is growing. Instead of sacrificing your home office or a den to convert into a bedroom, you can have an addition attached to your house for a relatively lower price.

6. Outdoor kitchen

If you love cooking and entertaining guests, an outdoor kitchen is a home extension you will love. Basically, it’s an open kitchen with a roof or awning for shade, and kitchen counters for cooking and preparing meals. Most outdoor kitchens only have a grill and a sink, but if you want to add more appliances, you can work with your contractor to tailor the kitchen to your preferences.

7. Workshop

Using the garage as a workshop might not give you enough space to store everything you need and park your car at the same time. If you want a space dedicated to your hobby, extending your house with a workshop is an excellent choice, especially if you make money off your skills.

When looking for investments to make for your home, you would want to find something that will increase the value of your property and serve you a purpose for many years to come. And with these ideas, you can achieve both.