Add Fun to Your Cross-Country Move with These Tips

man moving boxes from truck

Moving to another state or across the country can feel like a never-ending journey that will sap you of all your energy. But it doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience as long as you make the whole trip a fun and exciting expedition.

The first step to making it a fun trip is to ensure that all your personal belongings and cherished items are safe and secure and on their way to your next home. This is courtesy of your long-distance movers. Make sure that you first ask for quotes from the moving company before you hire them.

But if you’re having trouble figuring out where to start with turning your cross-country trip into an exciting adventure, read on for some tips.

Plan your stops

One way to make sure that your cross-country trip won’t be dull is to check out interesting attractions along the way. If you’re driving through Arizona, for example, you might want to see the Monument Valley. This is one of the most popular locations for many Western films.

If you’re driving through Texas, perhaps you should schedule a visit to the Alamo. It’s the state’s most famous historical site, where the Battle of Alamo occurred and almost 300 Texians died fighting against Mexican soldiers who were trying to capture the site.

Or, find peculiar tourist attractions to make your trip more unique. If you find yourself driving across Kansas, why don’t you make a pit stop at Cawker City and gaze at the world’s largest ball of twine?

The point is don’t simply drive to your destination because there are so many things you’ll encounter on your way to your new home that will make your trip so much more interesting. So take out your map and start dotting the places you’ll be stopping over for your layover adventures.

Come up with a song playlist

Whenever you watch movie characters travel from one place to another, there’s always music playing in the background. Most filmmakers use music to accompany this kind of scene because without music, it would feel a little dull.

That concept is also applicable in real life. Driving cross-country can be boring if you don’t have any music to listen to. So before you head to your next destination, get ready to play your favorite songs on your iPod and make sure you have enough songs to accompany you through your whole trip.

Instagram your trip

woman taking photo

Now that Instagram is connecting people together through images more than ever, it’s a great idea to document your journey by stopping now and then to get out of your car and take a selfie. You can even turn this into a game for yourself and your companions: the first person to call out anything interesting on the horizon will get to be the main person in the selfie.

But if you’re driving, you should not be permitted to play because you should focus on the road and not on whatever’s interesting on the road. So take turns driving, which will even make your trip fun because you won’t be too exhausted from driving all the way.