Art Attack: Singapore Festivals Art Enthusiasts Shouldn’t Miss


FestivalMore than the stunning infrastructures, beautiful man-made gardens, and impeccably neat streets, there’s one more thing Singapore does better than anywhere else: festivals. Celebrations in the Lion City pop with colours and art, reflect culture, and offer nothing but sheer fun to locals and tourists.

These are the festivals art enthusiasts can’t afford to miss:

Sentosa Buskers Festival

This event offers a peak at the arts and entertainment scene in Singapore, as it gathers all the best street buskers of the country and from around the world. You will be able to see heart-stopping performances from Aerial Manx, the “King of Sword Swallowing”; Flaming Matrix, the fire performance tribal group; Les Dudes, masters of unicycle; Mr. Spin Show, one of Australia’s best jugglers.

Sentosa’s Buskers Festival is perfect for teaching kids arts and entertainment. There’s a “Let Me Try” segment in the performances, allowing kids to have an interactive experience on doing magic tricks.

One thing you cannot forget when going to this festival is your camera. There are too many interesting characters you will encounter in the festival that you can’t afford not to have selfies with them.

Singapore International Festival of Arts

A yearly event, Singapore International Festival of Arts is a celebration of the country’s dynamic arts scene. The festival began in 1977, a period during which the Lion City was dubbed as a “cultural desert”. Striving to turn things around, the government launched the festival as a way of promoting arts and cultural development.

In 2012, the National Arts Council formed a committee to re-evaluate the role of the festival and suggest improvements for the event. They re-launched the festival and renamed it as Singapore International Festival of Arts in 2014, primarily catering to avid art enthusiasts. Instead of the traditional May-June schedule, the committee moved the festival to August-September.

Art aficionados will definitely find a one-of-a-kind artistic experience exploring masterpieces in theatre, music and dance in this festival.

Singapore Writers Festival

This is also an annual event, which showcases the literary works — local and world-renowned. Singapore Writers Festival remains one of the few literary events in the world that is multi-lingual, featuring works written in the official languages of Singapore, Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English.

Launched in 1986, the event strives to introduce globally prominent works to Singaporeans and also support contemporary Singapore and Asian writing to the international public.

Singapore is the place-to-be for art enthusiasts. Satisfy your artistic cravings by visiting this popular tourist destination.