close up shot of a person's eye

How to Deal with Vision Loss

August 15, 2019

As you age, one of the first things that change is your vision. This is a natural process as various conditions and diseases take their toll. These can range from diabetes to macular degeneration. Millions […]

senior dentist adjusting the light before the treatment his patient

How to Satisfy Your Patients with Your Medical Service

July 30, 2019

A flawless fitout for your medical center makes for perfect working space for carrying out your medical practice comfortably. For your medical practice, it is crucial to maintain healthy customer service habits. Here are helpful tips to […]

Tourists exploring the city

How to Include Health Tourism in Your Vacation

July 23, 2019

Our vacation plans are usually focused around some version of maximizing fun: seeing as many sights as possible, eating all the local cuisine, shopping until our feet ache, and partying until exhaustion. Seldom do we […]