4 Steps to Take after a Workplace Accident

November 9, 2018

Several employees suffer workplace injuries, but most of them don’t get fair compensation. Workplace accidents trigger a sequence of events that sometimes takes months. However, the first 24 hours after the injury are integral for […]

The benefits of being a legal nurse consultant

Serving Justice: Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant

September 25, 2018

As a nurse, you’ve probably the good and the bad and everything in between. You’ve helped to save patients from the jaws of death. In other instances, you’ve watched helplessly as a patient’s health took […]

Family Law

Five Important Jargons and Concepts you must Know

August 23, 2018

Filing for divorce could be a challenge. You need to attend court proceedings, prepare and submit documents, and spend some money. What’s more challenging though is encountering terms and jargons that you have heard before […]

Last will and testament document

3 Common Questions on Writing Wills

August 14, 2018

Most people know the importance of having a last will. In fact, having a will irrespective of your age or your net worth is paramount, unlike the common myth that only old people should write […]