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The Golden Years: How to Prepare for It

November 11, 2019

We all will inevitably get old. That is a brutal fact of life. This is one of those things we seldom discuss. However, ignoring the matter will lead us to fail to prepare for it. […]

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Green Practices that Aren’t So Good for the Environment

August 22, 2019

Being concerned over climate change and making efforts to help the environment is praiseworthy. However, certain so-called environmental practices aren’t as green as you think and may cause the environment more harm than good. Banning […]

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Types of Rolex Straps

June 26, 2019

Watches are no longer basic functional pieces. They are, nowadays, a design statement, and people are aiming for the best ones they can get. Though watch manufacturers have introduced different products over the years, nothing […]