couple feeling stressed

3 Ways to Cope with Pandemic Stress

August 6, 2020

Your palms are sweaty, your heartbeat races, and you feel you’re losing some of your memory. You struggle to wake up or like to grab some beer or wine more often than you usually would. […]

crying infront of the mirror after exercise

How Harmful Is Fat Shaming?

July 18, 2020

In a recent episode of his show “Real Talk,” TV host and comedian Bill Maher said, “Fat shaming needs to make a comeback…some amount of shame is good.” With cancel culture on the rise, many […]

aerial view of the beach

Where Did Mermaids Come From?

July 14, 2020

There are probably millions of stories about mermaids across the world; tales of magic and adventure in the seven seas that capture kids and adults alike. Hans Christian Andersen’s legacy, the Little Mermaid, has been […]