Most Popular Cities to Live in Australia

Sydney at night

Australia continues to be one of the most popular countries for immigrants across the globe. According to the Bureau of Statistics, more than 7 million people from different countries have settled and lived in Australia in 2018.

People continue to move to Australia because of the numerous benefits they can get in becoming a resident here. The country offers free medical care and education for the public, beautiful weather with an opportunity to experience all four seasons, great food (and coffee), and stable economic growth.

If you are thinking of moving to Australia, though, you need to know some essential facts about its major cities first. Where exactly do you want to settle down? What kind of lifestyle do you have? Answering these questions will help you better prepare for your relocation.

Here are some of the most popular cities in the country that you might want to check out.


This is Australia’s largest city, with over 5 million residents. It houses some of the country’s top tourist spots, such as the Bondi Beach and the Opera House.

Aside from these beautiful sights, Sydney also offers tons of job opportunities in major industries. These include the manufacturing, professional service, research and education, and tourism sectors.


This city is regarded as the cultural capital of Australia. If you are a foodie, a sports fan, an artist, or someone who simply loves culture and art, Melbourne is perfect for you.

If you want to settle in the country with your family, you can take a look at houses for sale in Melbourne’s western suburbs. There are more available job opportunities there compared to the north of the city. This will be an advantage for you if you want to ensure that you can sustain your family’s needs while you are in Australia.


If you want to avoid unpredictable weather, you can choose to live in Brisbane. It has a subtropic environment, so it offers warmer temperatures compared to other Australian cities. The place is also an urban hub full of skyscrapers, but you can easily access rural escapes to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.


Beautiful View of Perth City Centre From Swan River at Sunset

This city’s best features are a wonderful climate and a relaxed and easy-going lifestyle. It may be located a bit far from other cities in Australia, but it is still an ideal place for families.

The weather is consistently warm all year round, so you do not have to worry about experiencing extremely cold conditions. The city also offers employment opportunities, particularly in the mining industry. You can also find opportunities in other sectors, including healthcare, financial service, manufacturing, and communications technology.

Moving to a major city in Australia can be overwhelming. However, if you believe that it will be a great decision, you better start learning more about how to settle in Australia. Study and learn more about the climate, culture, and even the country’s laws and regulations. This way, you will be more prepared to embrace a new culture and a new life in a different country.