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What On-site Activities to Look for in Retirement Communities

September 3, 2014

Retirement communities offer remarkable facilities for the elderly to help them remain independent without worrying about daily tasks, such as home maintenance, shopping and cooking. In North Carolina alone, there are about 32 retirement communities […]


Take 5 Checklist for Improved Safety Awareness

August 31, 2014

A Take 5 checklist is a tool required for personal safety planning. It helps those working on external worksites to go about their tasks without any injury risks involved. It is also the responsibility of […]

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Shower Screen Seals: A Step-by-Step Installation Guide

August 28, 2014

You have to know the importance of screen seals when you have a glass shower screen in your bathroom. Other than providing some sort of protection, they keep water inside and prevent slippery puddles outside the bath […]