Regain Your Control over Technology by Using Just One Device

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People frequently lament the fact that our lives are now extremely tech-centric. And the pervasive influence of technology is only growing. The pandemic has stepped on the accelerator and hastened the adoption of remote working arrangements, while social distancing has given everyone even more reason to spend time on social media.

Technology provides us with a wide range of benefits. Increasingly, it has given us the tools we need to stay productive and keep in touch with our loved ones during a time of crisis. But technology is at its best when we remain in the driver’s seat. For many people, that’s no longer the reality they face. And if you feel as though technology has become too influential in your life, a case can be made for limiting yourself to just one device.

The pitfalls of losing control

When you aren’t in control of your relationship with technology, you can suffer significant negative impacts on your health and well-being. Sometimes, the effects are painfully obvious. If you spend hours working in front of a computer screen, your daily range of movement is limited. Your overall level of physical activity tends to be lower.

Without taking measures to offset these adverse physical influences, you run the risk of slipping into an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. You could become overweight, and you might feel chronic pain in your wrists, neck, and back. However, those aren’t the only issues you could be facing.

As devices become a fixture of your daily life, so do notifications and updates. These create distractions that reduce your ability to focus. As we settle for the convenience and speed of online communication, we lose the depth and satisfaction created through face-to-face interactions and the use of well-developed social skills. The wealth of information on the internet gets shoved into your face by savvy, self-interested marketers, and social media influencers.

A lot of people have already reached this point without even realizing that their digital influences have taken over their lives. They experience a poor quality of social life. Their attention spans have shortened. They find it impossible to escape the status pressure, anxiety, and fear of missing out that’s generated by overflowing, non-curated Internet sources.

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Identify your core needs

In this context, going down to one device in your daily life makes a lot of sense. It helps you to detoxify your digital life. You’ll have instant control over every negative influence that modern technology has introduced into our lives. By switching it off or leaving it in another room, you can relax, stay present, and enjoy a higher quality of interactions with other people.

You’re creating a wall between yourself and the digital world. And just like a real wall, wires and pipes are lying underneath to serve non-negotiable functions. Homeowners get that stuff sorted out before they call in drywall finishers like Longhill Contracting. Likewise, you’ll need to sort out your core technological needs before sealing off everything else.

What do you need your devices for? Create a detailed list and categorize them accordingly. If your work involves using multiple software programs, what single device can run all of them? What are the non-work apps you need and use a lot? Do you need them to shove notifications in your face around the clock?

Enjoying the benefits

By stripping down to your core needs, you can eliminate all of the unnecessary digital junk and clutter from your life. On top of that, you’ll be able to curate and manage the remaining digital influences. You can focus on the quality and how it aligns with your needs. It will relieve a lot of your status anxiety and stress, restoring your productivity and mindfulness.

There are other unexpected benefits to having just one device in your life. Whether your chosen device is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, it will have the capability to perform multiple functions. You’re forced to be resourceful, and adopting this attitude towards technology will save a lot of money. You get to explore the features of your device in full and feel less pressured to upgrade each time something new and shiny rolls around.

As you push up against the limitations of your single device, you’ll realize that technology doesn’t have to fulfill every function. You can rediscover analog solutions. Read physical books and jot down notes with pen and paper. Instead of snapping away with your phone’s camera, you can observe moments and take mental images to boost your memory.

Using just one device can be a temporary solution, enabling you to step back from technology until you have developed greater control over its influence. But if you appreciate the benefits, it can become a lifestyle choice and bolster your connection to a more natural way of living.