Singapore: A Country to Be Proud Of

The skyline of Singapore during twilightIn a country where the population stands only at around five and a half million people, the need for additional military personnel to defend the country in case war breaks out has become more urgent.

With the exceptional living standard Singapore continues to provide its citizens and permanent residents (PR), it is but proper to give back to the city-state by volunteering in its military. It needs more PR military volunteers. Here is why.

Big things in small packages

The small size of the Lion City has not discouraged it from becoming an economic powerhouse. Ranked number one by World Bank with regards to ease in doing business, various international organisations also placed Singapore at number one when it comes to world’s best labor force, world’s most economically globalised country, and much more.

A call to action

Because of its small size, however, Singapore also suffers from a shortage of personnel especially in emergency services and defence. Considering that Singapore is surrounded by large countries, the thought of having to defend it with a small force can be a bit unsettling.

This is why its Ministry of Defence came up with a military volunteer service program aimed at convincing everyone to help defend the country. The Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps or SAFVC targets professionals, especially Singaporean women, PRs and immigrants to train under the program.

The heart of a volunteer

The training lasts for a couple of weeks. During this time, volunteers learn about military life and discipline. Under the program, volunteers familiarise themselves with weaponry and medical emergency procedures. Those who joined the program say that offering their heart, mind and body to the country that nurtured them is the least they can do.

There is no denying it; the heart of a volunteer is the bravest and strongest one of all. In this light, freewill trumps any weapon of war.