Travel from Home: Taking a Trip Without Leaving the House

hand holding a bowl of vegetables

Before, time and budget were the top concerns of travelers. Nowadays, health and safety are today’s top two worries.  A new study shows that many people miss traveling so much that it is causing them stress and anxiety. Even as travel destinations now accept international travelers, many are still reluctant to leave their houses for leisure.

If you miss traveling so much but would rather stay at home during the pandemic, know that there are ways you can travel without having to step a foot out of your home. Such types of travel may not feel as aesthetically and authentically pleasing as real-life travel. But if you’re home-bound for now, this can suffice your yearning for travel.

To help you take a trip without leaving the house, here are some ideas you and your family can try.

Whip Up Recipes from Your Favorite Destinations

One thing that makes people remember a destination is the taste of their local cuisines. Before, you might want to visit a particular place because you love their local dishes too much. Instead of traveling to taste their food once again, why not cook some of your own?

Sure, there are tons of restaurants offering international dishes in your local area. But being able to cook your favorite international dishes on your own will make the experience more memorable. Get to taste your target tourist destination’s local cuisines once more by researching the internet for the right ingredients and cooking style.

For instance, you miss the Philippines so much and your favorite Kare-Kare, Adobo, or even Sinigang. All you need is to check the recipe online, ship for ingredients like Barrio Fiesta bagoong, peanut butter, or patis. Check your local supermarket, a Filipino store, or order hard-to-find ingredients online so you can start satisfying your palate once again with the tasty goodness of local Filipino cuisines.

Not sure if the recipes found online are excellent and authentic enough? Then consider joining a virtual cooking class of your target international cuisine. This way, you can learn straight from the pros and ask any questions you might have while cooking.

Indulge in Your Favorite Travel Movies

two people watching a movie together

The best thing about travel movies is to imagine yourself enjoying the view from the character’s perspective. You may miss Spain, the U.S., Europe, or even Africa. By looking for movies set in these places, you can indulge in a watch party and somehow travel at the same time.

If you are not sure what movies to watch, quick online research will do. Search for films shot in your desired location. You can even review the genre of the film to make sure you don’t jump out of your seats for accidentally choosing a horror movie.

Thankfully, you can watch movies online for free. If you have NetFlix, you only need to log in and choose the movie you like. Bring along your favorite snacks, and you can start viewing amazing places in your preferred movie.

Follow Your Favorite Travel Vloggers and Celebrities

One thing that can pique one’s yearning for travel is seeing pictures and videos of different travel destinations. What more if your favorite celebrities or travel vloggers are the ones showing you around? They may not be able to tag you along for their travels, but their content might help tame your senses while you wait for the right time to go on a trip.

By browsing your favorite celeb’s social media pages, you can visit the places they have been to. You will have an idea of where to go on your next trip so you can also experience what they experienced. As for your favorite travel vloggers, take note of the places they reviewed.

Check the experiences they had where they stayed, ate local cuisines, and the activities they engaged in. Follow their channels and blogs. You might even learn a few tips that will make your next travel a blast.

Plan Your Next Trip

Nothing can make you more excited to travel than by starting your travel plans. You might think that now is not the best time to look forward to your next travel. But by doing so, you will have plenty of time to plan the trip.

List down your dream travel destinations and the activities you wish to experience in each place. Then, research more about the location, people, culture, language, food, and cost of living in each destination. You will get to know these places more as you dig deeper and learn how to better prepare yourself after choosing your next destination.

Lockdowns, social distancing, and sheltering in place may stop us from fulfilling our travel plans. But there is no reason to sulk when you can always travel at home. If you need a pick-me-up and badly miss traveling, consider these travel-from-home ideas.