Technology Reinventing the Bike Industry


With the advancement in technology, the bike industry is always changing, completely changing the riding experience. Although not every change has been received with open arms, biking enthusiasts believe that these changes have brought new bikers on board.

Learn about the technological advancements that could change the future of mountain bikes.

The Wheel

A wider rim is one of the selling points of a mountain bike. Big rims offer a bigger patch on the trail and enhance a better grip. For a while now, these rims were preferred by bikes as they would run lower pressure effectively to ensure less rolling resistance. However, aluminum wheels being wider meant that the bike would be heavier than usual. A heavy bike was ideal for downhillers but became a nightmare for XC riders.

Technology introduced narrower rims to save weight. Then carbon-fiber came to change the wheel. Carbon wheels were lighter and could still be made wider for an XC or trail. The tubes became the problem: wider tires had lower pressure hence the high rate of pinch flats. The introduction of tubeless tires has changed this shortcoming as they are lighter and easier to fix. This has also enabled manufactures to experiment with new tire and wheel sizes.

The Frame

A lot has changed as far as mountain bike technology is concerned but credit has to be given to the development of carbon-fiber. The carbon has also penetrated the frame section. This has allowed companies to improve the performance of bike frames and fostered new and outstanding shapes.

The Pedal


Today, you can either choose flats or clipped pedals. Rab Wardell, the founder of The Dirt School, advises newbies to start their riding careers on flats to balance properly and control a bike efficiently. Cleats, on the other hand, have been introduced to allow faster peddling as they clip you into the bike. They also ensure smoother and faster power transfer as you cruise through different terrains.

E-Mountain Bikes

Technology hasn’t stopped at the wheel and frame; the industry now produces electronically assisted mountain bikes, commonly known as E-bikes. Although there is a huge wave of misconception that e-bikes form a lazy subculture of riding, this innovation has granted people who could never access different terrains to enjoy a piece of the cake.

That is why bikers looking for electric mountain bikes for sale can proudly enjoy the wide range of options available. This trend seems to be gaining momentum as more mountain bike manufacturers and sponsored riders are hoping onto the e-bike trail.

Although e-mountain bike usage isn’t without its issues, its future may be hard to predict. Certainly, these bikes are here to stay, and responsible usage will encourage manufacturers to introduce newer features to bikers.

In a nutshell, most riders would admit that the future of mountain bikes is already here. Before, bikes only required functionality, and the available materials determined their looks. Today, manufactures can build bikes on their own terms thanks to advanced suspensions, materials, and computer technology. So the future still looks bright.