Town Explorations: Discovering Tunbridge Wells

Exploring is something people used to do as children, when the whole world seemed so big and full of surprises. But, the daily routines people go through as adults saps precious time and energy, making any kind of excursion nearly impossible. When stress and boredom start to get you down, why not relive the childlike wonder of discovering something new by exploring places like Tunbridge Wells on foot?

Exploring Tunbridge Wells

The town is small enough for a bit of a walk, but big enough to keep you guessing at every turn. Every Thursday and Friday, a guided tour called the ‘Pleasant Promenades’ walks through Tunbridge Wells, displaying its 400-year history as a spa town, as well as the local sights and sounds.

Even though the hot water spas are no longer the main tourist draw, Tunbridge Wells is dotted with exemplary restaurants like ‘The Barn’, that’s actually fancier than the name suggests. The entire tour only takes an hour, after which you can immerse yourself with the local people who are always in the mood to chat about their town.

They’ll literally talk about anything: their past, the weather, the economy, possible wedding venues in the town, food, you name it. The people are proud of their heritage, and they want to share it with the rest of the country. So do them and yourself a favour, and talk a walk down to Royal Tunbridge Wells for a little exploring adventure.