Types And Features Of Floor Coatings

floor coating

In areas where the traffic is heavy, such as manufacturing industries, large stores, chemical plants and warehouses, the flooring tends to wear out faster. There are coatings available today that can act as a protective shield on these surfaces to make them tougher and longer lasting.

floor coatingThe Many Uses:

• These thin coverings can define traffic routes; cover stained concrete flooring and demarcates surfaces of different facilities.

• Their application can enhance and protect surfaces in homes and even offices.

• These can fix cracks and damages before they worsen and are easier to clean and preserve.

• These are virtually antiskid and odour free. These ensure the employee’s safety as well, as these will make the surfaces non slippery.

The Different Types:

• The first one is made of epoxy which is excellent for resurfacing purposes and patching up exposed flooring. These exhibit very low shrinkage and are highly durable. The setting styles are single and double. In the double, there is radiation curing and thermosetting. These are suited for garages as they protect well and are also attractive.

• Polyurethane coverings are another option. These can either be thermosetting or thermoplastic. These are suitable for dance halls, gyms, athletic tracks, playgrounds, and the like. They are water and moisture resistant, which makes them good for roofs and swimming pools.

• The last one is the ceramic coverings. These are suitable places where you need low electrical resistance or wear resistance. These are suitable for many other surfaces with specialised characteristics.

Industry specialists aicoatings.com.au says mostfloor coatings are sealants and sealers. The sealer protects the area from oxidation as well as wear and tear. The sealant makes them moisture and dirt resistant. Applying these thin layers can protect surfaces. The tiles and the concrete will last longer and will not need frequent replacements.

Today, there are other coverings available, such as antistatic conductive, carpet tiles, vinyl tiles. Go through all the options before you choose one that will suit your requirements.

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